Maasho – Jackie

Maasho, an upcoming Hip-Hop/R&B artist, released his first full album in August of 2019 featuring Marco Luka, Tanu and Weston Estate. A couple months ago I decided to listen to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, as I try to do so every week, and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful song Fresh Air by Maasho himself. Not only are the lyrics so cute, but his voice sounds amazing with the chill music in the background. However, for the longest time that was the only song I of his that I would listen to. About a couple weeks ago I randomly decided to listen to all of his music, and I couldn’t stop honestly. Maasho just has such a nice voice whether it comes to more hip-hop type songs, or his chill R&B songs. Although he isn’t very well-known at the moment, I could see his fan base growing soon.

Favorite Tracks: “Amnesia”, “Fresh Air”, and “Golden Hour”


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