In This Moment – The In-Between

In This Moment released their new single “The In-Between” off of their highly anticipated album Mother. In This Moment are back with their bombastic new song that is the catalyst for their new album. The song is ominous and haunting which features great music of the song that could be completely mellow and come and totally in your face in another second. Vocalist, Maria Brink’s, vocals complementary to the music. Her voice is very light and floaty and gritty and aggressive in this song. The song deals with the relationship between Heaven and Hell, which they have explored these topics like this before in their “Half God Half Devil” off their album Ritual. Anyways, if you enjoyed this song you’re probably really hyped for their new album just like I am.

In This Moment’s album, Mother will be out March 27, via Roadrunner Records.



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