Geowulf – My Resignation

Featuring a mix of indie instrumentation and vocals that take precedence, Geowulf releases, “My Resignation”. This album follows a big hitter of 2018 from Geowulf titled, “Great Big Blue”. Similar to indie successes such as Cults, Geowulf takes a piece of the indie genre, with a light and vibrant sound that would keep anyone positive.

With big expectations from the album that preceded, I was enthralled to learn that, “My Resignation” was released. However, from sounds that follow similar rhythm across the album, “My Resignation” seemed to play it a bit safe. I will say that “safe” is subjective and that with my criticism that this album will translate better to those who are interested in more popular sounding music. Comparatively to its predecessor, there seems to be a tad less variance and experimentation. I’m hoping that this album will grow on me as a listener and Geowulf dives into a wide variety of sounds that are both new and experimental.

This album does offer a unique melancholy sound that touches upon the feeling that is amongst us in loneliness throughout tracks such as “I See Red” and “If Only I Could Feel It”. Geowulf also does an amazing job at taking the listeners to a state of mind that is both blissful and calming in, “I Want You Tonight” and other works respectively.

While my feelings were mixed initially about, “My Resignation”, the album does invoke a feeling similar to, “Great Big Blue”. I can only see a bright future for Geowulf as they will likely grow into a very popular name amongst listeners that follow the indie genre like so many of us here at the station. I will also say that “Great Big Blue” was nothing short of a musical masterpiece and highly underrated in the indie genre. I’m excited to see what’s next for a new band that is putting out consistent content and I hope that readers of KZUU will give Geowulf a shot!

Recommended listens:  2, 3, 10


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