The Frights – Everything Seems Like Yesterday

In comparison to the usual upbeat, fast-paced, surf-rock style of The Frights, their newest album, Everything Seems Like Yesterday, released January 24th, is a much different pace for this band. This album focuses a lot on cathartic, emotional topics, mainly dealing with looking back on the past, and lost connections in life, whether due to death, separation, or just drifting. These raw emotions are paired with a more acoustic sound, using fairly simple vocals, guitar, harmonicas, and everyday objects like pots and pans to accentuate the new style.

The middle track in the album, “Leave Me Alone” is a surprisingly upbeat lead-in to the darker second half of the album. The final 5 songs keep the same pleasing harmonies, soft guitar, and soothing melodies, but the lyrics get more into the personal territory the album has fostered up until then. The set starts with “24” and successfully bookends with “25.” The album ends how it started: upbeat guitar, harmonica, and homemade sounds, all adding to the raw feel of the lyrics.

Much different from their usual musical style, this album is more reminiscent of Bright Eyes, Radical Face, etc. If you like that kind of music, you’ll definitely like this new album, but I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s obvious that a lot of time, energy, and emotion went into Everything Seems Like Yesterday, and it’s worth a listen. I recommend listening from start to finish, as the transitions between songs are laid out very well, but if you only listen to a few, try: “24,” “25,” and “Love Grows Cold.”



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