Chris Farren – Phantom Friend

With Phantom Friend, we get a glimpse at Farren processing his emotions without the performative (and delightful) extra-ego. This single is his first release of the year, and it’s a softer, more vulnerable piece than the bravado of this past fall’s release, “Born Hot”.

My personal favorite side of Farren’s work is that of this single – intrusive, relatable to hyperspecific scenarios, and atmospherically dreamy. Phantom Friend tackles the slow separation of friends growing distant, and the dull pain of that.

 It discusses that experience in honesty and keeps a warm undertone to mask the hurt that the lyrics express. The sweet but melancholy sound isn’t new to Farren, but it is subtly perfected.

Phantom Friend is released via Polyvinyl Records and is available on all major streaming platforms. Farren is currently on the US leg of his “Born Hot” tour, and if that’s stopping near you, I highly recommend going to one of his shows.


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