Keshi – Blue

In December Keshi dropped a new single, Blue after the release of his EP, skeletons, in July and single, right there in September. Keshi has a soft take to his music with an acoustic guitar, to begin with as he sings about the memories he once created for someone he still cares about. Keshi’s past work has included a sense of yearning with his soft vocals and beats that add to the alternative works he likes to do. This song hits more of the indie persuasion, although he sings about how time goes on after a heartbreak, it’s almost positive like as the song progresses. Keshi’s soft vocals are worth listening to in a chill vibe or when you’re studying, nothing too hard or too soft, it’s just about right. When you listen to his other works Keshi loves to experiment on what will work well for his music and the styles that can not only complement his voice and the sweet and soft lyrics he sings.



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