Odd Mob-Bad Moon

Several weeks ago, one of my favorite underground House Music producers “Odd Mobb”, from Australia, started posting on his social media about locking himself in the studio to start work on his next project. A full-length LP album. This excited me to no end! Was he going to continue his strange “oddities” and “evil edit” sounds? Was he going to try to make something entirely different? Or was it going to sound euphoric and beautiful like some of his remixes, such as his Rufus Du Sol remix, or his arguably biggest original so far; Intrinsic? 

Well, there’s no true way to confirm anything so far. But I feel like we may have just gotten our answer in the form of his newest single. Whether or not this track is a single off the aforementioned album has not been said. But “Bad Moon” (Featuring Kameron Alexander) is an incredible combination of something entirely new for Odd Mobb, and the gorgeous melodics and dynamics that can be found on songs such as “Intrinsic”.

The track opens up with some catching, and sparkly, arpeggios. All of which leads into the very “Odd Mobb” fashioned hard-hitting 4/4 beat. Alongside the consistent kick drums, you are immediately swept over with a gorgeous grand piano. The chords this piano is playing can be heard throughout the entire track, acting as its central melodic theme. And it pulls at the heartstrings pretty dang effectively! 

Kameron Alexander’s vocals provide a melancholic euphoria, with lyrics about a bad moon washing over him. It’s hard to say what exactly these lyrics are about, my first guess would be bad influences that he can’t quite resist or escape. 

After a short build-up, Odd Mobb executes an excellent break. With a single beat of dead silence, before diving headfirst into an entrancing drop of whistling melodies and that same piano theme, now at full velocity. This continues until the piano drops out, and a strangely compressed and distorted pluck provides us with a well-executed breakdown out of drop one. Already this track proves to be something that could make anyone tear up out of joy and euphoria during a concert or during emotional times. 

The vocals repeat, and some very epic snare drums cue in to help build even more tension than ever before in the track. After the same one beat break of silence, drop two comes in with just the vocals and the piano. Resulting in a slightly more minimal second drop, but one that I ended up enjoying more than the first. The same whistling melodies reappear shortly thereafter and help carry the track to its final outro.

Odd Mobb did an excellent job with this track. And whether or not it has anything to do with his upcoming album, I still love it. But if “Bad Moon” is, in fact, any indication of what’s to come, then we certainly have one incredible album to look forward to. I’m excited to attend his show in Seattle in March. Even more so excited for the chance to meet him face to face, and ask him a few questions about his music, and more. Stay tuned.


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