Don’t worry, it’s not your alarm going off. That’s just the opener to SWMRS x FIDLAR’s new cover of The 1975’s “People.” This high-energy banger is one to blast at full volume for sure. It starts off with a pretty anxiety-inducing sound of an iPhone alarm, but the effect just accentuates the first yelled words of the raucous hit; this song will definitely make you “wake up, wake up, wake up.”

The cover actually sounds very similar to the original, but I prefer the new rendition. Maybe I’m biased, because I do love both of these bands, but the pure energy of both SWMRS and FIDLAR has always been infectious, urgent, and fun. Both bands’ other music is rowdy and rebellious in nature, which perfectly fits the message of this song. This song is a call-to-arms, shedding light on generational gaps, political issues, and even environmental issues. It’s truly a “millennial anthem,” expressing anger with how the world, and people, are turning out. I recommend everyone listens to this song as well as the original. The music is fun, and loud, and rebellious; the lyrics shed light on contemporary issues while still being fun and playful. Overall, I really loved this cover; the collaboration between FIDLAR and SWMRS has been in the works for a while, and I really love how it turned out. Give it a listen!


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