Hands Off Gretel – The Angry EP

UK riot grrrl and grunge rock band, Hands Off Gretel released their latest EP right off the heels of their last full-length I Want the World released in 2019. The Angry EP consists of three songs “She Thinks She’s Punk Rock n’ Roll,” “Don’t Touch,” and “Bigger Than Me.” Over these songs stand really strong and the name really suits the tone for all of these songs because they are very angry. 

“She Thinks She’s Punk Rock n’ Roll” is the first song on the EP. It’s heavy, it’s punky and it’s a great way to start off of the EP. It’s a feminist punk rock anthem which fitting because this was released the day after International Women’s Day. If you’re are looking for a hard-hitting punk rock anthem.

Next up on the EP is “Don’t Touch” which is my personal favorite off the release. The bass lines in the release are insanely good. It’s definitely the one that I could see myself going back to the most off of this EP. I definitely recommend for someone to check out this song first off, the EP because it is both heavy and melodic.

The final song on the EP “Bigger Than Me” it which is another hard hitter. This track song features vocalists, Lauren Tate’s, gut-wrenching screams that will definitely haunt you. It definitely embodies the grunge and punk rock era in a modern time period.

Some of you reading this might be surprised to know that Hands Off Gretel aren’t signed to a label. They’re definitely underrated in the rock music scene so definitely if you haven’t listened to them you are truly missing out so go check them. If you are a fan of ‘90s music this is an EP for you. 


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