Initially, when I discovered Mvzonik through my sister I was calmed by the chill beat and instrumentation, only recently I have taken it upon myself to dive deeper into what Mvzonik has to offer. For bios, there is not much to go off of on Spotify, offering that Mvzonik is, “here to save me”, and hey that statement isn’t wrong. I think many of us could use saving in times like these. As I listen to Awaiting in its entirety while writing this review, listening to the peaceful Seattle rain in true trite fashion I am taken back to the same feeling as when introduced to them.

The best way to describe this album, is a peaceful collection of beats blended together in a way that makes it seem that one song ties into the next, almost transient. I feel this album is a worthy nominee for the majority of the Lo-Fi beat playlists dominating our listening platforms. But in its own respect, Mvzonik stands out in that unlike my listening situation, the songs show a unique flair. More specifically demonstrating that old school instrumentation in a refreshing light. I must recommend fully to anyone who needs to study, like myself, while writing a review.

God Bless,


Favorite Tracks: 03 Motorola Flippin’, Bjorks House, Rabbit

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