Songs of the Week: 10/18-10/24

Derek: Tchami (feat. ZHU) – “All On Me”

“All On Me” is a track from Tchami’s new album. The DJ and producer is known for his “future house” style of dance music. The song is more like bass house than most of his work, with a prominent bass synth line on top of a bouncy house drum beat. It also features vocals from ZHU, which provide an ethereal vibe in the moments between the beat drops. It’s a shame this track was released in 2020, because if it weren’t for COVID I’m sure “All On Me” would be blowing dance floors all over.

Flint: Tigers Jaw – “Cat’s Cradle”

“Cat’s Cradle” is the first teaser for what we can maybe anticipate as the band’s next major full-length release. I’m particularly excited to hear what Tigers Jaw comes out with, considering Ben and Brianna have been operating more-or-less as a creative duo since around 2013, but now have brought in two new officials members to the band. This track seems to focus on centering Brianna as the main vocalist while Ben stays in the background, which is something they did on their last album that featured my favorite song “June”. This song does a great job of showcasing Brianna’s vocals as a primary focus while still bringing that tasty Tigers Jaw sound I’ve grown to love since I first heard their self-titled release all those years ago.

Clipping. // Interview | LONDON IN STEREO

Jake: clipping. – “Looking Like Meat” (EXPLICIT)

“Visions of Bodies Being Burned” dropped after Thursday’s presidential debates which was really a 1-2 punch of depravity to artistic vision. It rocks – incredible stuff. “Looking Like Meat” stood out to me because of the Ho99o9 guest verse and the pounding crunchy bass behind Daveed Diggs’s monotone threats to an unnamed aggressor. The guest verse comes amidst fuzzed out basslines and squealing Pacman-style feedback, almost like an MC Ride feature. It’s a beginningtoendnoskipsalbum for me.

Mari: Motionless In White – “Creatures X: To The Grace”

This song came across as a surprise as grave it came out this morning the day I’m writing this (Friday). This honors the 10 years that have passed since their debut album. It both captures their old sound while still feeling very modern. I think that if you’re an old school Motionless fan you’re definitely going to enjoy this one.

Jett: $NOT (feat. Flo Milli) – “Mean” (EXPLICIT)

$NOT has gained some serious attention in recent months, getting coverage everywhere and passing 100 million streams on GOSHA, so I was stoked when he released a track with Flo Milli considering how amazing she is. Her verse goes crazy. To be honest, I think that’s what I like most about Mean.

You can listen to all of our picks for this week on our Spotify playlist below:

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