Introduction: This will be my second time at Treefort Music Festival and I am beyond excited to experience Treefort in all its glory. The first time I went, I was 20, and for the first time ever I saw my favorite musician at the time, Andy Shauf. Something about me when I was 20, is that Treefort had a different objective… In specific, I was really excited about mosh pits during this time in my life, which many people were not, and more specifically many people were not too stoked when my friends and I tried to mosh to Mac Demarco, but that I’ll save for a different tale. A few years have passed since my time at Treefort, but the lineup is still as strong as ever. Treefort offers a unique selection of artists and the Treefort team has a real eye for talent, which has always drawn me in. I am thankful to be able to spend this time alongside my friends and meet some great people.

Surprisingly, I am really excited about Yogafort this year. I think I need yoga in my life right now. No more “Yoga with Adriene”, or at least for now, I’ll be able to get my dose at Treefort. I’m hoping that I’ll be half as flexible as the next least flexible person in the room, the least flexible is clearly myself. I think this will be a great way to start my days in Boise, and afterward, you can find me skating around, hopefully around the park and maybe into skatefort – which I am not entirely sure what that entails, but I’m looking forward to it regardless.

One artist I am ready to listen to and finally see live is Sera Cahoone. 3 years ago, my sister had bought me tickets to go see her live, but unfortunately, I had classes to attend here at WSU. I thought about skipping out and driving back but instead decided to give the tickets to a friend… I still regret not driving back, and I am really pleased she is making an appearance at Treefort. Sera Cahoone is a frequently played artist in my music library and really comforts me on road trips and backpacking alike and I think my friends can relate.

Another artist that I am stoked for is Death Lens. But when am I not stoked for punk/alternative rock? Death Lens is an LA-based music group I have been frequently listening to and playing alike on-air here at KZUU. The first thing that attracted me to them was hearing the name Death Lens. A lens that many know of in the skate community but doesn’t get talked about a whole lot outside of that. Hell, I even owned a few death lenses and still have them somewhere in storage. After this, I didn’t need much convincing to get into them, Beer Up Only Club, remains one of my favorite punk albums today and I hope to dance perhaps a little too aggressively to their performance–sorry if you see me there.

Death Lens


Introduction: I was lucky enough to go to Treefort in 2017 and I’m so stoked to be going back! Seeing the growth of this music festival from the outside has been great and having the opportunity to go again here in 2022 is amazing. The lineup is terrific and I can’t wait to discover some bands I haven’t heard yet. During the pandemic losing the ability to see music was extremely difficult for me but now that it’s back I’m more fired up than ever! Can’t wait for great tunes with great people. 

So many talented bands are playing this year at Treefort but one band I never excepted to have the opportunity to see is w.i.t.c.h (We Intend To Cause Havoc). I’m a huge fan of psychedelic rock so when I discovered the sub-genre dubbed Zamrock I was loving it. Zamrock is a mix of 70s rock that also blends in traditional African rhythm. This band really didn’t gain any mainstream popularity until a couple of years ago and getting to see one of the original band members tear it up is going to be amazing! 

All the forts seem like they have a lot to offer but I’m especially excited to go to the Filmfort! I do a lot of projects in the film industry and always love watching and meeting new up-and-coming directors. Relaxing and checking out some new films is definitely going to help me make it through a 5-day festival. W.i.t.c.h actually has a film playing about the lead singer Jagari’s life story so I’m for sure checking that one out. 


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