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Tania – Introduction: This will be my very first time attending Treefort Music Festival! No words can describe how I am feeling about it! I am definitely looking forward to the many forts along with the events such as Dragfort and Alefort, but most of all I’m excited about the music performances. My friends have gone to Treefort before and have mentioned how much fun they have had while in Boise. I’m always looking for something new, and being able to gain the opportunity to experience the variety of events and music would be very captivating.

  1. I love the variety of forms of drag, and when I saw Dragfort, I was so captivated that I am looking forward to attending. Being LGBTQIA+ myself, I am filled with joy that there is a space for everybody at Treefort and helps a community come together to share love for any experience! So I’m looking forward to supporting local drag queens, and I recognized a few of the names of some of the queens; like Enzo Benzo, Elle Nouveau, and Dolce Vida!
  2. Jeff Rosenstock is the artist I was looking forward to most when I saw the lineup. But as I continued to scroll through the list of artists, there is a wide variety that I have never heard before. As a DJ at KZUU 90.7FM, my main focus is music around the world and the variety of genres that artist are focused on. Another artist I am looking forward to listening to is Kari Faux.
Jeff Rosenstock

Kaelen – Intro: First of all, I’d like to say that I’m crazy excited for Treefort 2022. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been spending most of your days of the past couple years blissfully remembering some of your favorite pre-pandemic shows, whether it was jumping up and down in mosh pits to rock/metal or swaying back and forth to some sweet indie tunes. I for one am ready to get back to the thing that has given me some of the best memories of my life so far, enjoying the unmatched experience of live music, and no better place to create some great memories than Treefort Music Fest. One look through the artist lineup has got me hyped to see some great artists I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing live yet, and also discover new favorites as well. I can’t wait to spend some time in Boise, vibin’ with my fellow music lovers, and enjoying all that Treefort has to offer.

  1. When looking through the Treefort 2022 lineup, I was absolutely baffled to see that the band Lightning Bolt will be playing. This extremely unconventional “noise rock” band follows none of the rules that almost every other music group follows. Their sound is aggressive, abrasive and LOUD. From what i’ve seen in videos, It looks like they are playing with the goal of blowing out the eardrums of everyone standing around them and I appreciate the heck out of that. This band is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I’d say most may even struggle to call it music but I think seeing them live will be an experience I have never ever had before and I can’t wait for it.
  2. I’m super interested to see what “Hackfort” has to offer. As a mechanical engineering student, I love learning about any cool or weird tech. My favorite thing about small events like Hackfort is how it’s a great place for like minded people to learn from different projects, creations and the creators behind the technology. I have no idea what Hackfort will contain but hopefully there will be some really crazy stuff and crazy people that I can learn from and get inspiration from.
Lightning Bolt – Brian Chippendale

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