Station Rewind: Dream Music Collaboration

There’s a lot of music out there, and when two artists find a way to come together and make a masterpiece, it becomes something worth mentioning. Artists have been coming together to make music collaborations for decades, and they continue to get better and better. This week, we outline some of our dream music collaborations that we hope to see in the future.


Most answers to this would be a combo that may be a little different from each other, but could still be seen collaborating realistically in the future. However, this is a dream music collab, and what would be better than seeing possibly the two most diametrically opposed artists coming together and creating an absolutely memorable (for better or for worse) product. I want to hear MC Ride show his soft side by belting out on a piano ballad duet, or hear Adele scream her lungs out over an abrasive instrumental that makes me bleed out of every hole in my face in an incomprehensible time signature. The most appealing option though, is the absolute hellscape that could be formed by combining their two strengths.


I feel like Sematary’s off the wall borderline-goofy lyricism would match well with a very heavy dubstep artist, and SVDDEN DEATH’s lack of restraint and ability to defy expectations with his song structures would fit a vocalist like Sematary very well. It depends on what kind of Sematary we’re getting though: Rainbow Bridge 1 & 2 Sematary would probably be fun, but Rainbow Bridge 3 would be perfect. Not so much Screaming Forest or Butcher House Sematary.


KAYTRANADA is one of the best dance music producers of our generation, and that being mixed with the funkiness of Injury Reserve would be an absolutely beautiful collaboration in my eyes. The hip-hop influenced woozy beats alongside the bassy weirdness from Injury Reserve just sounds good rolling off the tongue. Looking at some of the collaborations from KAYTRANADA, such as GLOWED UP with Anderson .Paak, YOU’RE THE ONE with Syd, and 10% with Kali Uchis, I just know that collab would be one for the books.


In my mind here’s how this song collab would work. On the verses we would have BMTH come in with a nice guitar riff accompanied with some Oliver Sykes on the vocals and then have it open up to his big melodic chorus for Post Malone to do his thing. After that happens we’d have a bridge section but it would be Skrillex’s turn to make this into a breakdown of some sort. After this happens for a final chorus where everyone joins in and maybe have Post Malone do some harmonies for the cherry on top. That is my vision for a cool collab.


First of all — I love these two artists. The Americana genre has a special place in my heart as it feels like country music but has a more old-western feel. Tyler Childers, who hails from Kentucky, has mastered the art of Americana and Roots, turning out hit after hit. His latest album, Can I Take my Hounds to Heaven, offers sounds of old-country hymns and nostalgia. You can faintly hear the ringing of the slide guitar in the background as the piano and Childer’s raw vocals pave the way of the track.

Charley Crockett, another staple in the Americana and Roots genre, uses his home state as inspiration for his music. These tunes tell intricate stories of heartbreak, landmarks, and more to make his music truly feel like you have stepped back into the wild west. I’ve loved Crockett’s work since he released his first EP’s, but The Man from Waco brings a whole new triad of stories and instruments to the table. Most fondly, I love the track Trinity River, where Crockett’s tobacco-stained and Texan vocals describe a river that runs through the state.

These two artists are my dream collaboration. They both bring so much to the table. They sing, write, and play guitar. Their voices, although very different, would work well together as they Childer’s higher pitched voice would complement Crockett’s mid-range vocals. I’m sure they could work together on some old country songs or create new masterpieces entirely.



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