Zeke Beats – Concert Review

I first saw Zeke Beats perform an opening set in 2017, and was immediately blown away. So it was an easy decision to go see him again, this time headlining his own tour alongside G-REX. Zeke Beats brings something to the table that most EDM DJ’s could never even attempt, spinning tracks on vinyl as opposed to the standard Pioneer CDJ set ups. He not only plays the tracks out like most would, the man actually beat juggles and scratches his vinyl like an absolute pro. The 10,000 hour rule shows, as he’s clearly put that time in; reaching behind his back to scratch the right deck with his left arm and vise versa. All turntablism aside, Zeke Beats’ song selection was also on point. Playing tracks that put that brand new VOID sound system to the test; delivering booming, heavy and driving bass to the Knitting Factory dance floor. Head banging was in full effect, and the rail was jam packed with loving fans breaking their necks to the sweet tones of intense bass music. Despite the extremely technical nature of his performance style, Zeke Beats still found the time to display some serious showmanship. He brought the hype, the style, and the swagger that even the conventional style of DJing wont often allow time for. All of this was still before G-REX had hit the stage for his set. 

All in all, if you’re a fan of bass music, and you see Zeke Beats on a bill somewhere near you, I highly recommend everyone take the chance to see this man do his thing on stage.

10 out of 10, would headbang.

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