Issues – Beautiful Oblivion

Issues has released their third full length album called Beautiful Oblivion. It’s their first album without Michael Bohn, the former unclean vocalist, which makes this album sound a lot different. In this album there are so many different and surprising sounds that I appreciate for the most part. Although I would say that this album is versatile, this album and Issues in general has more of a post-hardcore and alternative sound with some R&B mixed into there the lead singer, Tyler Carter, has a very flexible voice. After listening to this album, it almost sounds as if he’s using more sounds that are less melodic, however I’m not sure if it’s because Bohn is no longer part of the band, or because he’s actually revealing more of his voice.

The first track, Here’s to You, definitely opens the album up in a statement. Tyler Carter, the clean vocalist, stresses that he’s just not doing good in life. Before really listening to the lyrics, the chorus sounded like he’s applauding someone, but then you listen and realize he’s completely stuck, and he’s basically saying, “thanks for giving up on me”. However, in the next track “Drink About It”, it’s almost as if he’s following up the statement by admitting he’s not dealing with the lack of trust in his relationship in a healthy way. Then, in the fourth track, “Tapping Out”, he’s acknowledging the problems and saying that he’s finally done with the relationship.

Throughout this album, there’s definitely a trend of an unhealthy relationship which makes me love this album more because of the story it tells. Especially because it goes from the first three tracks I mentioned where he’s not handling the toxic relationship, to the end track “Beautiful Oblivion” where he expresses that he’s putting all of his energy into music instead of putting energy into this negative relationship. Then you have slower songs like “Your Sake” that are honestly just overall beautiful. It’s one of those songs where even if you’re in a happy mood in general, it just makes your heart sink. Carter’s voice is so powerful, yet so vulnerable in this track to where you feel every word he’s singing. One track that I need to mention separate from all the others is the tenth track, “Flexin”. This song is definitely not like any of their pervious songs, and I’m not sure if I’d consider this a good thing. I have intense mixed feelings to where sometimes I have to change the song immediately, and sometimes where I’ll rock out to it in my car. When I hear this song, it makes me think if Cher from the movie Clueless was talking about her problems to some guitars while “Work” by the High School Musical cast plays in the background. Whether it’s a good combination or not is honestly beyond me, because I still don’t know myself.

Overall, this album is beautifully put together, and has a bunch of different sounds to it. Because of that, it has a song for whatever you’re feeling, or even whatever you’re going through when it comes to either falling in or out of love. Or, if you want to feel like a sassy badass, then “Flexin” is your song. After being obsessed with this album for the past 2 weeks, I can’t stress enough how amazing this album is. Issues definitely brings a new sound to the table that’s almost addicting.

Track suggestions: 5, 7, 12

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