RL Grimes – Halloween VIII Mix

RL Grime has been producing a Halloween mix every year since 2012. He started out calling the mixes, Halloween Mix 2012, up until 2016, which then it became Halloween V and so on. This year it’s Halloween VIII. Ever since I’ve discovered who RL Grime was three years ago, I have not found any other DJ that is like him. He has a unique sound and vibe to his music, which his Halloween mixes very well embody. RL Grime is a trap DJ who tends to mix rap into his songs and mixes. His Halloween mixes is the one mix that I look forward to every year and no other mixes compare. It is because it is so much more unique than others and it also gives the spooky feely vibes of Halloween. I’m a big fan of both rap and edm so when DJs mix both together, it’s my favorite! I’ve honestly been waiting for this mix all month and after it came out on Halloween, I have not been able to stop listening to it. In fact.. I’m listening to it as I’m writing this review. At the beginning of his Halloween mixes, there is a monologue, usually a voicemail that others have left RL in response to his annual mix. For this years Halloween VIII, it’s Guy Fieri and he ended the voicemail saying, “remember Love, Peace, and Taco Grease.” It’s cool that it can have some sort of affect on some of RL Grime’s fans. They feel an extra connection to it, like when two artists that a fan likes collab on a song. During the voicemail, there was background music and RL edited the sound of the voicemail to hype up the listeners. I mean, it hyped me up at least! My favorite of his Halloween intros was when it was R.L. Stine, because it made me realize that that’s where RL Grime got his name from, the author of Goosebumps. Not only does RL mix together rap and edm, he also mixes in Halloween music, which everyone loves during the festive season. There was no part in this mix that made me think, “Oh, I don’t like this part,” and there are some of his Halloween mixes that I don’t think are as good. It’s also good background music and I will probably listen to Halloween VIII a couple more times today and for the rest of the month. 

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