Tropa Magica – Tropa Magica

This duo is formed of two brothers, David & Rene Pacheco. These two East Los Angeles natives mix fusions of psych rock sounds with cumbia rhythms. The mix is a blend of both worlds evenly, creating this new “Psychedelic Cumbia Punk” or “TropiPunk”. 

The singing on this project is no where near perfect. David’s vocals are rough, almost like an old cowboy singing a folk song. The duo switches up from song to song singing in both English and Spanish. Some songs are not what I normally listen to but, something I do love is the the guitar and drumming go stupid hard! Lots of atmospheric pedals being used and even some type of effect on the drums which remind me of some early 90s stuff my grandmother would listen to. This is a band you can tell that their live performance will be crazy and filled with energy.  

This Project is melting pot filled with various genre influences. Rock, Punk, Soul, Cumbia, 60’s Surf. This project has it all, and the if you can learn to enjoy the vocals that at times can be a little too rugged, you’ll have a blast getting lost in the music. 

The songs I enjoyed the most are very soulful and groovy like “La Flor”, “Disco Queen”, and “Uforia”.

Overall, I am very excited to see what this band brings next since this project was only 28 minutes. Also, Tropa Magica will be performing in Boise Idaho at the Treefort Music Festival, if you are attending and have time, go check them out!

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